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Exactly how is the love real and pure whenever every minute you talk and text one another is bringing you and her nearer to Jahannam,even the Salam that you convey to one another is hollow and it is absolutely nothing but a big irony and laugh

Exactly how is the love real and pure whenever every minute you talk and text one another is bringing you and her nearer to Jahannam,even the Salam that you convey to one another is hollow and it is absolutely nothing but a big irony and laugh

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Author: Salman Faheem

We wonder exactly how individuals claim to stay love with one another and it also astonishes and baffles me a lot more if they claim that it is real and pure.I wonder exactly how men and women have become particular about their everyday lives as though they understand whenever they’re going to perish or even for just how long are they likely to live.It intrigues me personally when individuals remain in a haram relationship in the pretext of marrying exactly the same individual down the road in their life.How have you any idea friends and family?Just how can you realize that this relationship will develop into absolutely nothing but wedding and exactly how do you realize that you’ll inhale enough which will make it happen.What in the event that you die in between?i will be concerned exactly how individuals have started loving the creation and forgot in regards to the Creator.I wonder exactly how if this globe that individuals you live in will probably end ultimately and yet we claim our relationships,our haram relationships to final forever.

.Every minute at that very moment but He doesn’t.He keeps loosening the rope.It starts from gazing at each other which turns into formal conversation and subsequently to calling and texting and ultimately to becoming over obsessed with each other.Allah loosens the rope and days turn into months and years and you continue to be in a Haraam relationship and disobey Allah with every breath of yours that you two are spending together is incurring Allah’s wrath upon both of you and if it were Allah’s will,He would have caught you.

Yet not constantly dear brothers and sisters,not always.One of those times Allah will pull the rope,you won’t have enough time to consider or introspect and sometimes even repent.Think in your life as well as the relationship you are claiming to be real and pure,what in the event that you die in this state,how are you managed Allah in His court.In his court my dear siblings,in his court we are going to haven’t any argument to place ahead.We vociferously justified our relationship in Dunya with impunity however when we shall stay before our Rabb,we will be silent and mumb.We wont have the ability to blame anybody on that time dear siblings,neither culture nor buddies,nobody.The blame on that time is likely to be entirely our’s and we’ll do absolutely nothing but accept it.

Islam is such a practical religion my friends,Allah made us with their own arms.He has provided us characteristics plus one such trait would be to love and be compassionate towards others.Why you think Allah put a heart within our chests,it is normal to be interested in beauty or character of somebody but that doesn’t gives us directly to disobey Allah and follow our nafs while the footsteps of shaitan.As a muslim it really is our above all responsibility to cease ourselves from functioning on our whims and desires.Islam way to subdue our will,our desires,our loves and dislikes before Allah.Don’t you might think that being in a relationship violates that extremely innate essence of Islam.Don’t you would imagine that when you are in a relationship we break the very first and foremost legislation to be a muslim.A muslim is somebody who is submissive to Allah rather than to their carnal desires.Can we choose an individual before Allah,how can we elect to disobey him in the interests of love which in addition is certainly not real and pure.

We have been poor and impatient therefore we are often in a rush,this Allah mentions in sevaral places within the Holy Quran.Why do you would imagine Allah calls us poor and impatient if you were to fall in love,let it be with Allah.He would never ever break your hearts like the world does.Believe me when I say this,if you fall in love with Allah, He will bring someone in your life who’ll love you more than anybody would ever do in this world.But that requires patience and self control and Allah always stands with those who are patient because he knows our mechanism,we are His machines,He designed us and He knows what is good and what is bad for us.Dear brothers and sisters. Being into the twenty very first century whenever all things are close to our mobile screens,it is tough to resist temptations which is even more complicated to remain far from Fitnah and evil.It is difficult yet not Impossible friends and family,not whenever Allah is on our part.

Can we also remotely decide for ourselves such a thing much better than exactly what Allah will decide for us?We understand the response yet we decide to try so difficult to deny it.Adam(like) didn’t choose Eve,it had been Allah whom provided her to him.Allah has established every thing in pairs,the sunlight while the moon,the evening additionally the times,life and death and thus has he created us in pairs.He has written in our fate our friend so we can decide to try certainly not in the conclusion we shall live,spend our life because of the one whom Allah has decreed upon us.We have to be devoted to Allah and have from Him exactly what we want,be it love.Saying that i might additionally choose to state that we now have a few halal techniques to find love.Islam claims that in the event that you admire someone and his/her characteristics if that person shares the same faith as yours then you can certainly get hitched through halal means.Pure matrimony is just one such site that will help for the reason that cause and I also wish there are lots of others too.It is but our intentions that matter the absolute most and Allah understands our intentions even before we’d them to start with.

Might Allah protect all of us from such haram relationships and might Allah bless all of us with a pious,beautiful and calm companionship.

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